UP CLOSE: Wells estate agent Roderick Thomas

  Posted: 13.07.21 at 09:53 by Tim Lethaby

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Wells Nub News aims to be supportive to every element of the community from business and shops to people and charities, clubs and sports organisations.

Everyone is finding it tough at the moment and are desperate to get back to normal.

We are profiling some of these local businesses, people and groups regularly over coming weeks in a feature called UP CLOSE IN WELLS in the hope that we can be a supportive springboard for their full return to normal.

Today we talk to Roderick Thomas, the estate agent in Wells, who we are delighted to announce is supporting Nub News as the partner of our property section.

During the interview, Roderick talks about what makes his estate agency different from the rest in the city, and discusses the outlook for the property market locally.


The Roderick Thomas Estate Agents office in Wells

Located in Wells city centre, Roderick Thomas Estate Agents are right at the heart of the community.

Founder Roderick Thomas started out as a commercial agent before becoming a partner in a general practice firm of chartered surveyors and estate agents with 20 offices, 10 cattle markets and an antiques auction room.

After the company was successfully sold to the Halifax, Roderick spent a few years as managing director of a large corporate agent, then opened four offices in Spain, sold up again before returning to Somerset to focus on what he enjoys most of all - residential estate agency.

Wells Nub News is delighted to have Roderick Thomas Estate Agents now supporting our property listings, rental and sales, on our dedicated site, which can be found HERE.

We caught up with Roderick and asked him what makes Roderick Thomas Estate Agents stand out from the other agents in the area.

“We’re a knowledgeable, friendly team, passionate about property and dedicated to making the buying and selling process as successful and enjoyable as possible,” he said.

“We strive to deliver a service beyond expectations. As an independent firm we believe in a flexible, personal approach to estate agency – I’ve never worked strictly within office hours and I’m always available on my personal mobile number and email address.

“We also act as buying agents, offering expert advice on your property purchase whether you’re considering a house from our own portfolio or from another agency.”

According to Roderick, the property market is looking strong and there has not been a better time for some years to think about selling your home.

He said: “We’re in for a strong market for at least the next five years, with prices rising in line with the economy - which is set to grow rapidly.

“For Somerset, many more will seek to escape cities and embrace rural life, while others who’ve been renting will be keen to buy and avoid being left behind by inflation.

“These, among many other factors, will no doubt continue to fuel the market.”

And what about the coronavirus crisis? How has that had an impact on the industry?

Roderick said: “The pandemic has significantly increased demand.

“Factors such as shifts in people’s working practice to home-working, desire to move out of the bigger cities and towns, and we’ve seen a big leap in interest from overseas buyers, too.

“The current market is also a catalyst for people who were perhaps considering selling later in the year to crack on and do so now, and of course take advantage of the reduced Stamp Duty which continues to the autumn.

“My advice is to try and buy and sell in the same market. When we’re selling for clients, we also advise them on buying.”

You can visit the Roderick Thomas Estate Agents website HERE.

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