Wells dancer to appear on Dragons' Den this weekend

  Posted: 12.09.20 at 15:56 by Tim Lethaby

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A Wells dancer, who is appearing on Dragons' Den this weekend, has described how she came away from the filming feeling "completely wonderful".

Tina Blackwill will be appearing on the show on BBC2 tomorrow (September 13) at 7pm, where she was asking for backing for her business Choreography with Tina B.

This will be the second time it has been broadcast - the first time was earlier in the year, but then the country immediately went into lockdown.

She told Wells Nub News: "I take seated pom-pom dance classes in residential care homes, dementia clubs, active and assisted living centres, with adults with special needs and the WI.

"They all absolutely love it, and as I say in my pitch '30 minutes with me is enough to put a smile on anyone's face'.

"I had the most wonderful time ever and will never forget the experience. I was extremely nervous, even though I'm no stranger to appearing in front of the camera, this was something completely different.

"There is no second chance, once the famous lift doors open, you have to perform. I had rehearsed over and over again.

"There was a few minutes' unplanned delay in the lift so rather than panic, I went over my pitch a couple of times, just to be sure.

"Then my music came on, I struck my pose and the famous lift doors opened. I danced out to upbeat music and flashing lights - I was marvellous.

I then had to catch my breathe and deliver my pitch. It went well, although I'm certain my nerves were noticeable."

Tina said the Dragons - Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Tej Lalvani, Sara Davies and Touker Sulyman - were all very nice to her.

She said they loved her passion, enthusiasm and sparkles as she took her party vibes to the den.

"You'll have to watch it to find out what happened, but I came away feeling proud of myself and completely wonderful," she said.

"Since Covid has struck my classes have been understandably affected but I've adapted and kind of reinvented myself and am now launching PomFit classes across the area. Life is wonderful, be positive, sparkly and kind."

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