Plans for a permanent agricultural worker's home in East Horrington are approved

  Posted: 09.06.21 at 13:14 by Tim Lethaby

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A permanent agricultural worker's home will be built in East Horrington after plans were approved by Mendip's Planning Board, going against the officer's recommendation to refuse the proposals.

A planning application for the building of a permanent agricultural worker's dwelling on land at Old Frome Road, East Horrington, had been submitted to Mendip District Council by Joshua Hares.

The application was referred to the Planning Board following referral to the chair/vice-chair, who requested that the application be considered by the members.

The plan relates to agricultural land that forms part of the wider holdings of Old Frome Road Farm, which include two poultry units that house a total of 32,000 hens.

To the north east of the poultry buildings falls a residential dwelling, that was built as a temporary building with a three-year permission, though not in the exact location it was approved.

The new plans were to remove the temporary building, and create a permanent agricultural worker's dwelling at a different location on the farm, closer to Old Frome Road.

In the planning officer's report, which recommended refusal of the plan, it said: "While it is accepted, as established by the permission for the temporary dwelling, that the provision of a dwelling within sight and sound of the poultry units is essential to support or sustain the functioning of the enterprise, the location currently proposed within the holding is considered to be too far from the units to satisfactory achieve this function.

"Furthermore, the proposed dwelling's overall size, design and location, alongside Old Frome Road, and its large domestic curtilage, would appear unduly prominent within its rural landscape setting and clearly visible from the road.

"This is considered to have an unacceptable and harmful impact on the street scene and on the rural character and landscape of the surrounding area."

However, the Planning Board disagreed, and have given permission for the home to be built, saying that the application demonstrates that the enterprise is currently financially sound and has clear prospects of remaining so, that the size of the proposed dwelling is commensurate with the established functional requirement for the enterprise and that the location of the dwelling is essential to support or sustain the functioning of the enterprise.

Planning applications in the Wells area that have been submitted to Mendip District Council this week include:

Application for a proposed lawful development certificate for a Juliette balcony dormer on rear elevation at 6 Bell Close, Westbury-sub-Mendip, has been made by Mr and Mrs D Morris.

Internal alterations, fenestration, landscaping, erection of outbuildings and entrance gate at Maylands, Wells Road, Henton, are wanted by Mr T Bailey.

Convert existing garage to a home office, change garage doors to two windows, installation of two Velux roof-lights to the side elements of the roof and installation of rear door at 2 Hay Hill Close, Haybridge, has been applied for by Mr Tom Honeyands.

Works to trees in a Conservation Area T1 - magnolia - reduce crown by 1.5m to 2m and remove lower limbs, T2 - cherry - reduce height of two leaders and adjust lateral limbs at 25 Chamberlain Street, Wells, are wanted by Mr John Cryer.

Planning applications in the Wells area that have been decided by Mendip District Council this week include:

Erection of an agricultural building on land at Pelting Drove, Priddy, by Mr J Jones has been approved.

Installation of Velux window to flat roof of rear extension at Alaron, Duck Lane, Westbury-sub-Mendip, by Mr Kevin Curran has been approved.

Division of property into two dwellinghouses at Rock Cottage, Thrupe Lane, Croscombe, by Mr and Mrs Lewis has been approved.

Application for approval of details reserved by condition 7 (surface water) on planning consent 2018/2721/FUL on land west of Chapmans Close, Wookey, by Mr R Thorner has been approved.

Retention of access track and erection of artist studio building at Folly Lodge, Folly Lane, North Wootton, by Dr T Flaxton and Mrs C Humpston has been approved.

Erection of a garage at Broadlands, Wells Road, Henton, by Mr P Dalby has been approved.

Erection of single storey side extension, erection of a two-storey rear extension, erection of a double garage and internal alterations to the first floor; conversion of an existing outbuilding to an annexe at Home Farm, Nordrach Lane, Priddy, by Mr Bob Howells has been approved.

Removal of existing garage and erection of a garage building with storage and home office within roof void at The Billiard Room, Orchard Paddock, Wookey Hole, by Mr and Mrs Regester has been approved.

Application for a proposed lawful development certificate for replacement of existing doors with like for like at the barn at The Homestead, Hannah's Lane, Westbury-sub-Mendip, by Mr Josheph Hughes has been approved.

Conversion of single link attached garage to create additional sitting room at 3 Campkin Road, Wells, by Carolyn Milson has been approved.

Erection of extension to north, south, east and west elevations (amended plans) at Pax, Wells Road, Bleadney, by Mr and Ms J and R Legg and Evans has been approved.

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