Calling all sports writers and teams: Wells Nub News wants to hear from you

  Posted: 28.09.20 at 13:09 by Tim Lethaby

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With the autumn in full swing, at Wells Nub News we want to help you publicise your sports teams and individual achievements.

Whether it is a friendly fixture, a fundraising event, match reports throughout a season, or just advertising looking for players, we want to feature it on Wells Nub News.

Wells Nub News is also celebrating individual sporting achievements.

Sport brings us together as a community possibly more than anything else, and we want to help celebrate that.

The whole idea of Nub News is to provide a platform to help share all the fantastic things that are going on in our communities.

We will also soon be publishing fixtures and up-to-date league tables throughout the year, to help you stay connected to the teams in your town.

More than that, we are also looking for talented sports writers.

Are you a student hoping to gain some more writing experience? Or are you a manager of a local side that wants the opportunity to start publishing match reports?

Nub News is here for you. While we cannot offer payment for articles at the moment, we can offer you a real space to write about what is important to you, and to celebrate your sporting achievements.

Whether you are setting up a new darts team, cycling the coast to coast, or even hosting fitness classes in the park, Nub News wants to write about it.

To submit a sports story to us you can email our editor Tim Lethaby at [email protected], or you can Nub the article directly on to the site yourself, by clicking on the black Nub It button.

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