Andres Kitchen

Opening times:

MONDAY 8:30 am - 3pm
TUESDAY 8:30 am - 3pm
THURSDAY 8:30 am - 3pm
FRIDAY 8:30 am - 3pm
SATURDAY 8:30 am - 3pm

Andres Kitchen, Unit 29, Underwood Business Park, Wells, BA5 1AF

Facebook: Andres Kitchen
Phone: 01749 938100

Grilled wraps:
Spicy pulled pork, triple cheese, peppers and onions, sirracha Mayo £5.50
Jerk chicken, coconut rice and beans, triple cheese, jerk Mayo £5.50
Chilli beef, rich tomato sauce, rice and triple cheese £5.50

Bacon, Brie and cranberry £4.50
Bacon butty £4 (add egg £1)
Sausage butty £4 (add egg £1)

Homemade 1/4 lb Chuck burgers with Mayo, mustard, tomato, gherkin £5.50
Add cheese, bacon, egg £1 each

Bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushroom, tomato, fried bread £6.50

Triple cooked chips £2 (add cheese £1)
Dirty fries-chilli, triple cheese and baked £4.00

Our new takeaway menu is all cooked to order. If possible, please call to pre-order to avoid waiting for up to 20 minutes.

Please note, we only take cash payments.

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